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Forever autumn


While we await the winter I took advantage of the mild weather and the lingering autumn colours to create another in my series of Red Riding Hood images.

The reds of Stephanie's cloak and the fallen leaves and the lovely warm tones of the tree created a gorgeous scene. Stephanie is the mistress of the facial expression and we continued by having her emerge from behind the tree clearly trying to find out where she was.

I suspect winter isn't too far away now but for this image it will be forever autumn.



Who is afraid of the big bad wolf?

I like props but even I draw the line at buying a wolf to complete the Red Riding Hood story myself, Stephanie (model) and Tammy (make up artist) were creating.

So a hasty EBAY shopping trip a week before the shoot resulted in a wolf mask and with a little jiggery pokery we bring you Red Riding Hood AND the wolf.  I'm afraid we can't reveal how it was done due to trade secrets.

No wolves (or models) were harmed in the making of this shot.



Red Riding Hood

Meet the pin up model Stephanie Jay with whom I had the pleasure of working yesterday.  With make up by the excellent make up artist Tammy Kayler we had a great team.

We had decided on exploring the story of Red Riding Hood and turn it a little on its head - maybe Red Riding Hood wasn't quite as innocent as we all thought?

It was Stephanie's idea to 'trap' her skirt in the door providing us with a glimpse of stocking and the first hint that Red Riding Hood was a little more daring than we all thought.  It combined the shoot concept with Stephanie's pin up work perfectly.

I love story telling and this story came together perfectly.