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Opposites attract

Red and green that is.  Two colours that work very well together.

When Charlie mentioned she had bought along a green top I knew it would end up featuring in our shoot as it would work so well with her red hair.

I had a little more complicated lighting set up that normal - I needed to make sure I could light Charlie's face and create the shine on her hair that would stop it blending (hard to believe I know) into the background.  It feels good that the extra complication proved worthwhile.

It's hard to fight the rules of attraction.



50's diner

One of the sets at the Dieselpunk studio is a 1950's style diner and that is where Carla and myself held our last shoot of our fashion photoshoot.

Carla has made some great choices in her wardrobe which perfectly suited the location - her foresight and planning made a big difference to the genuine feel of this image.

The processed look was thanks to Lightroom 4 and some special settings from a Lightroom guru Sean McCormack

See you at the diner.



Dungeon mistress

One of the sets at the Dieselpunk Studios in Essex is a dungeon styler set up and tat is where Carla and myself found ourselves shooting today.

Dungeons are dark (I am lead to believe) and foreboding places by all accounts so we decided to go bright and light and blow away the gloom with Carla's colourful dress and powerful poses.

I chose to use a specific bit of lightning kit, A Lencarta Ringflash in case you are curious, and all the elements in this fashion photoshoot came together rather nicely.

The credit goes to Carla who completely made this shot with her awesome posing.



Birds of a feather

One of the interesting sidelines of my love of photography is the opportunity to interact with people you would normally never meet because you do not belong to their culture - be that tattoos, roller derby (more news to follow on that one, military reenactors, pin up models etc

But when you attend a show like the Essex Tattoo Expo you see how these communities all exist and support each other - hence the old 'birds of a feather flock together' saying.

There were numerous bird related tattoos on show (even if they did require a little boldness on behalf of the owner) but it was the delicate nature of this work that caught my eye.

Long live peoples opportunity to be different and to find support in doing so.



Be prepared

For most couples the first time they have someone posing them or taking formal photo's is on their big day.

I'm one of those wedding photographers who like to run a pre-wedding photoshoot to help a couple get use to posing etc before they do it on their wedding day.  It's a great way for me to get to know the bride and groom and for them to get to know me.  When we come to the big day we've already rehearsed - smart thinking hey?

And that is why Kelly & Neil visited me for a pre-wedding portrait shoot.  We would have been outside except for some rather random weather and some high winds.  It is the UK so what could we expect?

Be prepared.  Works for wedding photographers, brides and grooms and boy scouts.