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I had the opportunity to work again with Kyiah this weekend following our recent Vampire shoot.

Kyiah wanted to shoot a more traditional set of beauty images and that suited Charli, our make up artist, and myself down to the ground.

I'm conscious that a lot of my work revolves around story telling and a simple beauty shoot would help me refocus on the basics of great portraits.  Charli had developed a very low key make up style for this image and Kyiah worked hard on developing an almost zen like pose.

Simple is good.



Drained of colour

Vampires are always pale so it struck me that draining all the colour and turning this into black & white would be the perfect.

If you have seen the other shots from the vampire shoot with Kyiah and make up artist, Charli Bignell, you will have seen quite a few colour shots but I'm never far away from a black & white treatment.

For pretty much every one of my shoots I see an image that was made for black & white photography and this was that one.  While the colour images play on the bright red blood this shot returns to the basics of portrait photography, the eyes.

The page skin, dark clothing and dark background all helped make this a high contrast image which was perfect for black & white photography. 

If you know your vampire legends you will know not to stare into Kyiahs eyes for too long.



Girls in the hood

This shot was inspired by an up-to-date version of the vampire story, Twilight.

We used a publicity shot of Kirsten Stewart and then worked our own magic on it.  The idea of the dark clothing, the dark background and the pale face seemed a great combination.

Kyiah worked hard on perfecting the pose and the pale skin make up was a real key to the success of this shot. Cheers Charli.

Vampires never get old.



Theatre of Blood

Photoshoots are always a bit of theatre to me - telling a story, making it believable and entertaining at the same time.

Luckily Kyiah is a musician, theatrical actress and singer so asking her to become a character, in this case a blood thirsty vampire, didn't phase her at all.

Having had Charli apply her make up with a spray gun and then being covered in fake blood Kyiah then went on to become the character and at certain points the view down the camera lens was quite scary.

Big shout of praise for Charli , our make up artist.  The contact lenses were a awesome idea.

Shall we break for lunch?



Interview with a vampire

During a shoot, and especially when working with a model for the first time, it can become a bit of a two way interview.

I want to know as much as I can about the model as it helps get better images, the model wants to know about me to understand the images I have in my mind and create the appropriate emotions and poses.

Kyiah was very easy to work with, instantly relaxed, very professional and happy to take direction and also contribute with creative ideas.  Combine that with awesome make up by Charli Bignell and it was simply left to me to capture the moments.

When can you start?